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The deadweight of deficit

The deadweight of deficit

David L. Bahnsen | We should be talking about how massive federal spending diminishes long-term economic growth

Hunter Baker | Daniel Dennett saw religion as the great enemy

R. Albert Mohler Jr. | The United Methodists quickly abandon Biblical Christianity

Ericka Andersen | A report exposes pediatric gender medicine for the fraud that it is


Brad Littlejohn | We cannot ignore an aggressive China that seeks to undermine the United States

Andrew T. Walker | When America’s most elite credentialing institutions have fallen, a bleak future is on the horizon

Bethel McGrew | The quandaries of celebrity Christianity

F. Matthew Eppinette | What should we do with hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos?

Mark Tooley | A rapidly declining denomination jumps into the worldly abyss

Roland C. Warren | Has the Republican position on abortion essentially become pro-choice?