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A win for the status quo

A win for the status quo

Joseph Backholm | But Election Day also revealed a country drifting apart

Mark Hemingway | This is no time to call for retreat

Josh Hershberger | Indiana courts keep child in foster home because of parents’ religious objections to transgender ideology

Joe Rigney | Our culture’s elites try to normalize the grotesque


Thaddeus Williams | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are meant to shut down dissent, but there are ways to challenge them

John D. Wilsey | The unfolding logic of liberty drives American elections

Brad Littlejohn | Rival visions of history are on the ballot today

Jordan J. Ballor | We still have much to learn from the great Dutchman

R. Albert Mohler Jr. | Yes, and the next one will be even more so. Here’s why

Allie Beth Stuckey | There is nothing unconstitutional about voting your convictions