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Normalizing LGBTQ pornography

Pornhub admits trying to push trans videos to straight men and teens

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Normalizing LGBTQ pornography
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Pornhub is coming for our children and our men. 

A recent undercover investigation reveals the nation’s largest pornography distributor welcomes pre-teens and attempts to sway straight men toward LGBTQ pornography through gradual integration of unorthodox material.  

Multiple employees were caught on camera admitting non-existent enforcement of age requirements to view or participate in homemade pornography. For example, anyone can access videos through a simple age verification checkbox. Participants must upload ID for consent, but it's essentially a legal charade.

Despite a 2020 investigation that uncovered millions of child sex abuse videos, Pornhub has done little more than crisis PR to protect victims. After removing 9 million videos that year, the company admitted to covertly inserting more sexually deviant material into mainstream content to expand its reach and create new audiences. 

Pornhub employee Dillon Rice candidly admitted to pushing gay and trans-targeted videos into “mainstream, vanilla content” as an experiment for clicks. Could they attract straight men to trans content? They plan to find out. 

This damning confession ties directly to allegations that trans porn can lead to adoption of a trans lifestyle—something activists have denied in the past. One study found that transgender pornography quadrupled between 2014 and 2017, most of it involving men who identify as women. Indeed, Pornhub has reported an explosion of interest in the category of “trans porn.”

Sound Investigations reporter Arden Young caught Rice saying that the appearance of trans men or women could ultimately “convert somebody.” Andrea Long Chu is one known trans author who’s admitted that pornography ultimately led him to adopt a transgender persona. 

We’re told that being LGBTQ is not a choice in any sense. We’re told it’s an immutable characteristic. We’re told we’re bigoted if we say otherwise. Yet, here is a concerted effort by Pornhub to “turn” straight men, those who’ve never entertained other orientations—and it’s working. 

In 2023, the most increased time usage on Pornhub came from men 45-plus and the top increased search terms were “femboy” and “trans.” Rice insisted that this “normalization” of LGBTQ pornography is important, especially for teens seeking to uncover their sexuality during puberty. 

The employees on tape laughed off concerns that minors may access content and zeroed in on content expansion.

Product Coordinator Sylvain Fernandez agreed, saying that LGBTQ pornography specifically helps pre-teens “find themselves” and their “kink.” Viewing pornography at age 11, he said, is “normal” and “religious groups” are wrong to discourage exploration. 

It’s no surprise, then, that technical product manager Mike Farley acknowledged that pornography is “addictive” and Pornhub is “not really” worried about ethics. On that note, one study found that over half of divorce cases included one spouse having an “obsessive interest in” pornography. 

These delinquents are running one of the top, most damaging websites in the world, covering their tracks with fake promises of accountability and charitable donations. They’re unapologetically promoting personal destruction in a culture already suffering from extreme moral decay. 

The employees on tape laughed off concerns that minors may access content and zeroed in on content expansion.

“Maybe somebody who’s never looked for something [like LGBTQ videos] might find it interesting and click on it,” said Rice, noting that experimentation is key (to keeping their 5.1 billion clicks a month climbing higher of course.)

The United States makes up 78 percent of Pornhub’s user base. Due to minimal regulation and early smartphone access, children are now part of that population. By 12 years old, most have seen pornography and even the most sophisticated parental tracking software isn’t stopping it. Early pornography use in males is shown to increase sexual violence and aggression towards women, affect intimate relationships, lead to addictions, and more. 

At 5 years old, I glimpsed the open pages of a Playboy magazine in a friend’s bathroom. That one image has been seared in my brain for decades. Imagine what seeing far worse, multiple times over, does to the children of today. 

For too long, pornography was considered “harmless” and just something men did. As material becomes darker and more perverted, it more deeply affects the way viewers think of sex, men, women, and intimacy. The pornography industry is a vicious cycle of sex trafficking, abuse, lust, corruption and money. And too many people are signing up for their own demise. 

It’s no secret anymore. Pornhub has admitted its commitment to your personal destruction for its monetary gain. Take them at their word.

Ericka Andersen

Ericka Andersen is a freelance writer and mother of two living in Indianapolis. She is the author of Leaving Cloud 9 and Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church & the Church Needs Women. Ericka hosts the Worth Your Time podcast. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Christianity Today, USA Today, and more.

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