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Minnesota’s unthinkable abortion bill

Five steps for Christians in radically pro-abortion states

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs the PRO Act on Jan. 31 in St. Paul, Minn. Kerem Yücel /Minnesota Public Radio via Associated Press

Minnesota’s unthinkable abortion bill
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In the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 28, after over 14 hours of debate, the Minnesota State Senate passed pro-abortion legislation that codifies a “right” to abortion for the duration of any pregnancy and allows minors to obtain both abortion and sterilization without parental knowledge. The vote followed party lines: 34 Democrats in favor, 33 Republicans opposed. On Tuesday this legislation met the eager pen of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz—a man whose Midwestern manner treacherously gives cover for one of the most wicked laws in our nation.

Gov. Walz seeks to turn Minnesota into the Midwest’s mecca of death—a place where people from neighboring states can journey to sacrifice their children on the altar of personal autonomy and desire. The irony is thick in a state that could rightly be called the “Caretaker State.” Included among the top 5 employers in Minnesota are Mayo Clinic (1), Allina Health System (2), and Fairview Health Services (the other two are the state government and the federal government). The most common job in Minnesota is Personal Care Aide.

Yet the “Caretaker State” is staking its reputation on the murder of pre-born babies. Minnesota’s state-of-the-art hospitals have found more ways to make money than saving lives—they also know how to profit from their destruction, both through abortion and the abuse of minors through elective sterilization and cross-hormone treatment.

As nearby states such as Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa increasingly protect the vulnerable preborn, Minnesota Democrats want to turn the state into an abortion mecca where no one is truly safe. But Christians must not give in to discouragement.

If the overturning of Roe taught us anything, it’s that the battle is winnable for those who patiently play the long game. 

There is much good work to do in Minnesota, and much good work to do in other radically pro-abortion states. I have five suggestions for how Christians can advance the pro-life witness in pro-abortion states:

1) We should patiently stay put.

It’s tempting to want to move to a pro-life state. I live less than 15 minutes from pro-life Wisconsin, yet, my vote, my voice, and my time and money are needed in pro-abortion Minnesota. We don’t advance the cause by retreating from the battle. We are too easily fooled into thinking we can’t win, when in reality, pro-abortion legislation is not a slam dunk. Even in Minnesota, it passed by the narrowest of margins. With enough work and commitment, we can win this fight. So can the pro-lifers in California and New York and all the other currently pro-abortion states. If the overturning of Roe taught us anything, it’s that the battle is winnable for those who patiently play the long game.

2) We must love our state.

While rightly disgusted by Minnesota’s pro-abortion legislation, we must not let our love grow cold for either the people or the place where God has planted us. I love Minnesota—her lakes, her North Shore, her city skylines, her swamps and trees, and relentlessly cold winters. I love the people of Minnesota—their hot dishes, their love of the outdoors in every season, their pride in freezing temperatures, their slight stoicism, and their loyalty to losing sports teams. And it’s because I love Minnesota that I will fight for her.

3) Petition the God who hears.

Six times every week, I drive by a Planned Parenthood clinic where innocent life is taken. Every time I pray and ask God to thwart the plans of the wicked and rescue the little ones whose lives are being snuffed out in that building. I ask him to shut the clinic down by whatever means His wisdom would deem best. On Friday morning, as the Minnesota Senate gathered to debate, our family gathered to pray for the senators. Christians must ask and ask and ask again. James tells us, “You do not have because you do not ask.” May it never be said of us. Our Heavenly Father loves to give good gifts to His children. We must ask Him!

4) We must sacrificially show our love. Give money and time.

Pregnancy Care Centers and Pro-Life Advocacy organizations need funding and volunteers. If you have money or time, you can and should practically help the cause.

5) Witness to the truth of the dignity of the pre-born child. Speak to children, neighbors, and friends.

Tell your children, neighbors, friends, and everyone you meet that preborn children are people just like they are and deserve complete protection under the law. With the overturning of Roe, many are rethinking their position on abortion as they are forced to reckon with the reality of abortion in ways they were previously able to ignore. As Christians, we must not shrink from hard conversations. With the help of God’s Spirit, we can lovingly and graciously speak the truth to our neighbor. With God’s help, we can persuade some. With God’s help, Minnesota won’t always be a pro-abortion state.

Abigail Dodds

Abigail Dodds, a graduate of Bethlehem College & Seminary, is a wife, mother of five children, and member at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota. She is the author of (A)Typical Woman and Bread of Life: Savoring the All-Satisfying Goodness of Jesus through the Art of Bread Making. She regularly contributes at desiringGod.org.


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