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Babies should not be for sale

Surrogacy is all about what adults want, not what children need

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Babies should not be for sale
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In March, the BBC released a documentary series called Facelift, which follows homosexual couple Darren and Tom as they run a cosmetic clinic and proceed to procure a baby from the United States.

In the trailer for the four-part documentary, Darren and his “husband” talk about the difficulties of acquiring a baby in the United Kingdom due to our surrogacy laws being “really complex.” As if purchasing a baby should be easier. Instead of obeying U.K. law, they found it easier to fly abroad, purchase a baby from an American and fly back. 

There was a time when paying for another human being would have been considered a form slave trading. Babies are not commodities to be bought or traded. We’re talking about human trafficking. And women are not incubators to birth a child for it to then be immediately taken from her. How misogynistic is that? 

I would say a baby deserves to grow up with the love of its mother and father. To be snatched away at birth for the highest-paying bidder is abhorrent. 

A designer couple, complete with their designer clothes and designer faces, want to purchase a designer baby as if she is a fashion accessory, and the BBC is promoting this as if it is morally acceptable. When I say designer baby, I mean it in the literal sense, too. The couple talk about how they selected their baby based on the genetics of her biological family. This is dangerously close to eugenics. 

There is a reason the so-called liberal left has been pushing to “smash heteronormativity” and destroy the traditional family. Mentions of the nuclear family bring about spurns of homophobia or transphobia since its presence is an impediment to reconfiguring what “family” means from the start. As if wanting the human race to continue to exist and thrive is a bad thing. 

Children need positive female role models and positive male role models; they need a mother and a father.

One of the reasons God ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman is for the purpose of procreation. So that humans can continue to survive, but also so that we can create families, which are good for the community, and also for the worship of God. It’s not rocket science.

Destroy the family unit and you destroy the community. Do that, and you destroy our nation-state and our very way of life. Western society is built on the foundation of the family unit, centered around Christian values. Those values are being eroded at the same time as the family unit is being replaced. What will be left?

Surely, we have a moral duty to say this is not okay. If surrogacy laws in the United Kingdom are complex, perhaps we need to make them even more so. Should it not be illegal to purchase a baby from abroad? The wider question is why are they so lax in the United States?

Birth rates and fertility rates in the West are declining. The number of social issues arising as a result of fatherlessness and secure family units continues to increase. We know that children from families that break down before the child reaches 18 are twice as likely to end up homeless, in crime, and/or on drugs.

Children need positive female role models and positive male role models; they need a mother and a father. That goes for both boys and girls. Boys need a father to show them how to become gentlemen and how to treat a lady; and girls need a father to show them what they should look for in a future husband. All children need the maternal, nurturing, unconditional love of their mothers.

To remove children from their parents for personal gain is selfish desire. It is sinful. If couples really want to love a child and cannot have children of their own, adoption is a very wholesome option. But that truth highlights the real issue here. These people don’t want to provide a loving home to a child that needs it, they want the perfect child to be their perfect new acquisition.

We should be asking ourselves the question: What kind of society do we want to be? A society that supports and encourages the traditional family, or a society of designer babies for designer lifestyles?

Calvin Robinson

The Rev. Calvin Robinson is a British broadcaster, political adviser, and commentator.

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