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Olasky Bio Series

Unmerited mercy

Marvin Olasky’s multi-part biographical series chronicling his progression from card-carrying Communist to Bible-carrying Christian, his years in academia, his involvement in welfare reform, and his present position as WORLD's editor in chief.

The first 10 episodes are available in a book, Unmerited Mercy: A Memoir, 1968-1996.

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Aug 9, 2008

Episode 1: The graduate

In 1968 I headed down a path that began with low-rent existentialism and took me all the way to Communism

Oct 18, 2008

Episode 2: After 1968

The elites showered applause on a young radical in 1970, but the kudos prompted only resentment

Jan 31, 2009

Episode 3: Deeper into sin

A misguided search for meaning led a young radical to the Communist Party in 1972

Apr 11, 2009

Episode 4: Crying out

Is seeing believing? Or does believing lead to seeing?

May 23, 2009

Episode 5: God doesn't give up

Exodus 13: “When in time to come your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’ you shall say to him, ‘By a strong hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt, from the house of slavery’”

Jul 18, 2009

Episode 6: Madness centered on God

Fighting communism, and my own impetuousness

Aug 29, 2009

Episode 7: Inside Oz

Learning about the politics of big business, and what “an honest day’s work” might come to mean

Nov 7, 2009

Episode 8: A new front in the war

Moving from the politics of corporate America to the politics of academic America, and trying to publish so as not to perish

Dec 19, 2009

Episode 9: Thy will be done

With opportunity in academia and media came great challenges and great satisfaction

Feb 13, 2010

Episode 10: Whose darling?

Finding my way home after weird times in Washington

Feb 11, 2012

Episode 11: More unmerited mercy

Battling against ideologies that mistranslate the Bible, kill neighborhoods, and hurt students. Not so often battling against my own pride

Mar 24, 2012

Episode 12: Saved by God’s Gollums

Reporters on an ideological warpath mercifully cut short my yearning for the Inner Ring

Jun 2, 2012

Episode 13: D.C. city limits

The death and life of compassionate conservatism: While a treasured idea became a mess in Washington, it flourished at a small school in Austin

Dec 15, 2012

Episode 14: Back to the journalist’s lane

Exposing scandal takes perseverance and fortitude, but seeing our corruption leads to seeing God’s grace

May 4, 2013

Episode 15: How to decide to move

To go or not to go? That was the question—but deciding wasn’t scientific

Oct 4, 2014

Episode 16: Course reversal

A short story, a grand canyon, and a 180-degree turn to the realization that not a college falls to earth apart from the will of our heavenly Father

Oct 16, 2014

Episode 17: Where I come from

The lasting influences of my grandfather, mother, and father

Apr 18, 2015

Episode 18: Diamonds in the Shadowlands

As a new baseball season begins, a personal reflection of the past 50-plus

Jan 23, 2016

Episode 19: The riddle of Isaac

Genesis 22 has a pro-life subtext, and missing it has led to a multitude of religious errors

Jan 23, 2016

Episode 20: Summing up with some sums

You can count on numbers to tell the stories of our lives