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September 23, 2023 | Vol. 38, No. 18

Death of a mill town

Caleb Bailey | Historic North Carolina community prays for new purpose—and revenue

When in Rome

Chiara Lamberti | In Italy, having children is increasingly countercultural

Nothing new under the sun

Jenny Rough | One man’s mission to restore patent rights to inventors


To quit or not to quit

TRENDING | Authors miss the mark on finding meaning in work


A seer and a survivor

BOOKS | Novel contemplates virtue in a world of treachery

Absurd academic life

BOOKS | The adventures of a curmudgeonly professor

Temptation and sin

BOOKS | Popular book may perpetuate “Side B” errors

Untying a legalistic knot

BOOKS | Jinger Duggar Vuolo finds the path out of fear

Children's Books

On grief, anxiety, and finding one’s fit

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Reviewing four new stories for pre-teens


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

MOVIE | Portokalos family follow-up fails to recapture magic of the original

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah

MOVIE | A safari through the troubled and goofy lives of junior high girls

A Million Miles Away

MOVIE | A Hispanic immigrant pursues NASA dreams with the help of a tenacious marriage

Box Office Top 10

MOVIES | Top films for the weekend of Sept. 1-3


TELEVISION | Long-awaited Star Wars installment relies on a detailed backstory casual viewers won’t know


A hauntingly poignant singer

MUSIC | Sinéad O’Connor’s private life overshadowed her music

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Four new albums reviewed

Rise of the robo-umps

SPORTS | Minor league baseball has spent the season testing an automated system to call balls and strikes

Small group learning

EDUCATION | Families looking for flexible education options turn to “microschooling”

Profits and losses

BUSINESS | Rising retail theft cuts ever deeper into bottom lines

Hidden figures

LAW | College wins bid to cover controversial murals