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Lynn Vincent

Lynn Vincent

Lynn is executive editor of WORLD Magazine and producer/host of the true crime podcast Lawless. She is the New York Times best-selling author or co-author of a dozen nonfiction books, including Same Kind of Different As Me and Indianapolis. Lynn lives in the mountains east of San Diego, Calif.

Articles by Lynn Vincent
Episode 1: Are you purple?

Episode 1: Are you purple?

As the Schiavo case rolls into its 11th year, a new witness steps forward with allegations against Michael Schiavo—a witness the Schindlers think could win the case for them.

Five doctors testify in court about Terri’s condition, and new evidence surfaces about why she might have collapsed in the first place.

California braces for an outbreak of unwanted newborns

God doesn’t care whether we think He’s fair


Tomorrow marks 18 years since the death of the woman at the center of a controversy over the right of brain-damaged people to live…or die

Official persecution of American Christians has shown its leading edge

One sermon, please—hold the winsome

How the wrong word at the right time changed a life

“He Gets Us” outreach aims to open doorways to the Church

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