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Liz Lykins

Liz is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute.

Articles by Liz Lykins
Court denies Maryland parents religious rights

Court denies Maryland parents religious rights

Judges rule that parents cannot protect students from LGBTQ books

Majority says employment decisions on teachers shielded by “ministerial exception”

While some experts commend the act, others worry it infringes on the First Amendment

Some experts worry that the new regulations violate due process


A new letter from 15 state officials calls out the megabank for shutting down accounts with differing religious views

A federal appeals court hears an Iowa worker’s case about religious expression

After lower courts ruled against them, Massachusetts parents appeal to the Supreme Court

Proposed State Department rules threaten religious freedom

State officials strip state funding from Oregon youth ministry for its hiring practices

The state attorney general suspects El Paso ministry is helping immigrants break the law