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Liz Lykins

Liz is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute.

Articles by Liz Lykins
Death under a microscope

Death under a microscope

Icelandic study reveals data that could be used to estimate life span

Livestream technology raises questions of theology

Scientists link an enzyme to sudden infant death syndrome, but experts say more investigation is needed.

Church denominations are divided on whether to dole out vaccine advice


The BA.2 strain appears more contagious but may not be more severe

Seven percent of Americans still don’t use the internet. Most of them are elderly and say they have better things to do

Daniel James Devine, Liz Lykins | When sex offenders and other ex-felons meet Christ and repent, they pose a dilemma for churches that want to accept them but also protect their congregation. A few churches are rising to the challenge

An Indiana church custodian embraces the spiritual side of his cleaning vocation

New sound recognition technologies can help the deaf

Charissa Koh, Liz Lykins, Isaiah Johnson | Biblical truth-telling at college newspapers can sometimes conflict with the way administrators want to portray the school. Here’s a case study of how Liberty University handled the tension last spring