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Kristen Flavin

Kristen Flavin

Kristen is an assistant producer for WORLD Radio. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and has worked behind the scenes for WORLD Radio since it began in 2011.

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Articles by Kristen Flavin
Wednesday morning news: February 15, 2023

Wednesday morning news: February 15, 2023

Senators say they still have questions about unknown objects in U.S. skies, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sounded off on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, students and faculty at Michigan State University are mourning classmates killed by a gunman, a new report shows annual inflation eased slightly in January, aid is pouring in from around the globe for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria, Republican Nikki Haley has officially entered the 2024 race for the White House, Kenyan President William Ruto led a national day of prayer

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says supplies of Western weapons must come quicker than Russia’s attacks, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says today will be the day the U.S. government maxes out the amount of debt it is allowed to take on, Microsoft said it is laying off 10,000 workers, wholesale prices rose just 6-point-2 percent in December compared to a year earlier, authorities blame drugs and gang-related violence for the grisly murders of six people in California, pro-life advocates will participate in the 49th March for Life on Friday in Washington, D.C.

Protesters in New York are demanding George Santos step down before he’s sworn in next month, soccer fans are mourning the death of Pele, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is back in power, Southwest Airlines says that it will resume normal flight operations today, Former President Donald Trump will not be forced to appear before the Jan. 6 House Committee, the health of Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th continues to worsen

The government of incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be sworn in today, Southwest Airlines predicts it’ll be back to normal before the new work week, officials in Buffalo are bracing for a rise in the death toll from the winter storm, former clients of the failed cryptocurrency firm F-T-X are filing a class-action lawsuit, the United States says it will require COVID-19 tests of anyone arriving from China, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has laid out plans for boosting his military power


Russia on Thursday threatened “consequences” for the United States if it delivers missile systems to Ukraine, authorities in Tehran have sentenced an Iranian soccer player to death, retail sales dropped last month at the start of the holiday shopping season, Senate lawmakers have passed a bill that would ban TikTok on all government devices, the Biden administration is suing Arizona, the death toll in the Congo continues to rise from widespread floods and landslides

The crisis on the southern border is intensifying, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pressed Western leaders to provide more advanced weapons, top officials in Europe sounded alarms about possible energy shortages next year, the man charged with building the Pan Am bomb faced a judge in a U.S. federal court, Peru’s new president gave into protesters’ demands, Iran has executed a second prisoner

British defense officials are warning that Russia is looking to buy missiles from Iran, debate continues over the recent prisoner swap that brought WNBA basketball star Brittany Griner home from Russia, the man accused of making the bomb that brought down Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 has been taken into U.S. custody, NASA’s Orion capsule returned from the moon Sunday, Democrats reacted Sunday to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement that she’s leaving their party

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the U.S., the Senate passed a bill that binds railway workers to their jobs, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about President Joe Biden’s student loan debt cancellation program early next year, arguments in the Trump Organization’s financial fraud trial in New York concluded, lava is slowly approaching a major thoroughfare on Hawaii’s Big Island, police in Spain are responding to a series of package bombs at embassies

The House voted today to block a railway strike, a House committee can now access some of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries will succeed Nancy Pelosi, former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died, stocks pushed higher yesterday on news of a looming interest rate hike, the Justice Department charged more than 700 people in its January 6th investigation

The Senate passed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act, the Biden administration defended a blocked immigration policy at the Supreme Court, a jury has convicted the leader of the Oath Keepers of seditious conspiracy, China is still isolating people in their homes because of COVID-19, the U.S. men’s national soccer team is advancing past the first round of the World Cup, a top Qatari official involved in organizing the World Cup indicated that 10 times more workers may have died during the preparations, congress is mulling legislation to block a railroad strike