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Edward Lee Pitts

Edward Lee Pitts

Lee is the executive director of the World Journalism Institute and former Washington, D.C. bureau chief for WORLD Magazine. He is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and teaches journalism at Dordt University in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Articles by Edward Lee Pitts
Twelve worried men

Twelve worried men

Edward Lee Pitts | A small group of House conservatives view the nation’s debt as a threat worth risking a political career to fight. Their decision may be bearing fruit

An upcoming sequester may be a bad way to cut spending, but some say it’s better than no way at all

While President Obama shies away from policy talk, keynote speaker Ben Carson makes his conservative positions known at the annual National Prayer Breakfast

New plan offers path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants


Forty years after <em>Roe v. Wade</em>, March for Life participants brave the icy streets of Washington to send a loud and clear message to America

Edward Lee Pitts | Armed by three decades of combat duty, retired Lt. Gen. William Boykin takes on Washington’s culture battles

Partisan inaugural speech signals an aggressive liberal agenda for the president’s second term

The House agrees to increase the nation’s debt limit as the GOP unveils a strategy to resolve the country’s fiscal crisis

In his second inaugural address, President Obama calls for unity but his hints at more government will likely continue the divide

House Republicans gather at a Virginia resort to mull over the ‘virtue’ of a short-term debt ceiling increase