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Carolina Lumetta

Carolina Lumetta

Carolina is a WORLD reporter and a graduate of the World Journalism Institute and Wheaton College. She resides in Washington, D.C.

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Articles by Carolina Lumetta
GOP candidates debate Israel, abortion, and more

GOP candidates debate Israel, abortion, and more

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump rallies in Florida

Voters back pro-abortion candidates and causes

Polling is more complicated than in years past but still a helpful way to gauge how close presidential races are

GOP facing aftershocks after weeks of inner turmoil


Republicans unite around new House speaker

POLITICS | Iowa gives way to South Carolina as host of the earliest presidential nominating contest

BACKGROUNDER | Three House committees—Oversight, Ways and Means, and Judiciary—will hold hearings that may or may not uncover evidence of wrongdoing

House Republicans wrangle over a new speaker

Plus, the Senate considers a controversial appointment for ambassador to Israel and Donald Trump is hit with a partial gag order related to the federal Jan. 6 case

How the Hamas attack affects U.S. foreign policy