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Anna Johansen Brown

Anna Johansen Brown

Anna Johansen Brown is a WORLD Radio reporter and features editor based in Chicago. A former speech and debate coach, she graduated from the World Journalism Institute in 2018. Follow Anna on Twitter @AnnaJohansen_.

Follow Anna Johansen Brown on Twitter @AnnaJohansen_

Articles by Anna Johansen Brown
Friday morning news: March 24, 2023

Friday morning news: March 24, 2023

The World Athletic Council rules that men identifying as women will not be allowed to participate in women’s sports, Wyoming abortion ban on hold while judge considers if fetuses are human, Congress considers regulating TikTik in the US, Biden is in Canada for the first time as President, House subcommittee investigates the Department of Justice’s crackdown on parents’ free speech during the pandemic, and the suspected school shooter in Denver has been found dead, and some Ukrainian children previously deported to Russia have been returned.

The Fed raises rates again, despite the fallout from recent bank failures; school administrators wounded in a shooting in Denver; three senators still out of commission due to injuries and illness; Senators grill Norfolk Southern leadership in a hearing on Capitol Hill; LA school staff members hit day three of strike; California hit with more storms; Russia continues using explosive drones in civilian areas in Ukraine; and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moves to pass parental rights law through Florida's Department of Education

Putin visits captured Ukrainian territory for the first time, Xi is set to visit Moscow this week, Swiss UBS is buying Credit Suisse, Trump announces possibility of arrest depending on the outcome of a Manhattan grand jury, Wyoming bans abortion pills, 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Ecuador, and protests in France turn violent after the Macron government unilaterally passes pension reform without a parliamentary vote.

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The Treasury Department is now taking extraordinary measures to keep the government from defaulting on its debt, President Biden has approved even more federal funding for California’s storm recovery efforts, the FBI is offering a cash reward for information about a string of attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is huddling with Western allies to talk strategy and military aid to Ukraine, the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog is already hard at work in Ukraine to safeguard nuclear plants, actor Alec Baldwin is facing criminal charges in New Mexico, the U.S. government has announced a new program called the “Welcome Corps”

Remembering prominent people from the stage, page, and screen.

The Supreme Court has extended a policy that will hold back a wave of migrants from crossing the U.S. border, Buffalo is still trying to dig itself out after a winter storm dumped six feet of snow in places, Congressional Republicans are pushing for a more aggressive posture toward TikTok, Taiwan is extending mandatory military service from four months to a full year, Vladimir Putin announced he’ll refuse sales of oil to nations enforcing a price cap on Russian petroleum, the UN human rights chief has condemned the increasing restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan

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