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DOJ issued unanswered call to action on Boko Haram

DOJ issued unanswered call to action on Boko Haram

Justice Department wanted to designate Boko Haram a terror group in 2012
Federal judge orders State Department to speed up release of the new documents
The secretary of state’s visit coincides with ongoing controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s troubling ties to the African nation
Meeting follows Trump’s latest foreign policy revisions

Meanwhile, more Christians die in Muslim extremist attacks in Nigeria
Foundation employee advocated for ‘key’ Nigerian businessman
You can’t spin Hillary Clinton into the more respectable candidate
As the Clinton-led State Department dragged its feet against Boko Haram, Clinton Foundation donors made millions from Nigerian oil fields
This common classification became unusually controversial for Boko Haram while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state
Under the Clinton State Department, influence from big money donors appeared to thwart efforts to combat Boko Haram—efforts that might have saved thousands of lives