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June 6, 2009 | Vol. 24, No. 11

The Tiananmen generation

Out of post-massacre despair, Chinese demonstrators learned not only that communism is crushing but that democracy alone cannot save

Public 'meltdown' Dwight Howard complaint should have been a team matter
Highmarks Teach for America is growing, but union-influenced policies keep it from doing more
Failure to launch Will proposed cuts in space programs leave the United States vulnerable?
Judging the heart Obama wants empathy on the high court, but "people are not looking for Oprah to be the next justice," say conservatives
Power players With GOP influence dwindling, moderate Democrats may be the only senators who can slow President Obama's ambitious agenda
News to watch in the weeks to come
Search and discover Sites can help teach grammar, create recipes, and find other useful facts
Generous helping Unlikely bestseller plants seeds of generosity worldwide
Too much noise to ignore Obama then Cheney try to set record straight on terrorist suspects
From Judaism to atheism to Christ Crime writer Andrew Klavan takes a turn at writing for young adults--but without the puppies
Gene trekking African genes showcase diversity
Different strokes A stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art reveals how theology powerfully changes artistry
Disaster upon disaster Geography plus poverty makes for persistent hardship across much of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
Ticket to learn Unencumbered by red tape, charter schools offer hope to the few students blessed enough to win entrance into them


Bloom is off

Con artist film doesn't give an audience anyone to root for

Charm & grace

Pixar sees its role as picking up where the classic Disney movies left off.

Tough to love

The Soloist captures truths about the homeless

Man and machine

Time hasn't been kind to the Terminator franchise

Unfunny Man

A lack of real humor characterizes Pete Seeger's legacy

Cat in the bag

Yusuf's new album is generic enough to make him popular

Edwards & Adams

New books highlight the importance of the two great 18th-century Americans
Notable CDs

Notable CD's

Four CDs by the recently deceased Stephen Bruton reviewed by Arsenio Orteza