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Seeking truth after the Capitol chaos

How colorful conversations can remind us what’s important

Commuter traffic on North Capitol Street heading toward the U.S. Capitol in Washington Associated Press/Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais (file)

Seeking truth after the Capitol chaos
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Julie Spencer Julie is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute midcareer course.


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I am also from Wisconsin, and the claims of fraud in the election in our state have been investigated.  There is no fraud to be found.  Please wake up, and if you worship the God of truth, the Creator of the Bible, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, please stop spreading unsubstantiated lies.  https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/elections/in-thousands-of-complaints-about-wisconsin-election-few-that-could-be-substantiated/article_e7f37ef6-4072-536c-aea6-4427de4fcc99.html


Facts matter. FBI brings conspriracy charges re riot at Capitol - planning dates back to at least January 1.

Video link:https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6224268946001


Great reply! Yes, essentially they rigged the vote the second time around - again! The same system and process was setup so why should we expect a different outcome? 


I am concerned that many World Journalists are believing much of the main stream media bias as to what happened that day, Jan.6,2021 at the Capitol.  At least we should be considering another point of view.  I have listened also to Pres. Trump's speech.  He did not incite the crowd to violence.  He did encourage peaceful protesting.  For one thing, the Trump supporters were frustrated because their voice was not being heard.  What are they saying? "This election was fraught with so much fraud that the results are wrong."  Trump beat Biden at the polls.  There were foreign and domestic actors who flipped votes, dumped illegitimate ballots into the system and came up with the results they wanted.  It was not free or fair and there was no integrity.  More than that when concerned citizens have filed affadavits and other proof (videos of ballots being pulled out from under tables,) no court of law or even legislature has tested the cases.  The people are frustrated.  That does not make violence acceptable in any way and Trump did not ask for violence.  He asked for constitutionally protected peaceful protests.

Back to Jan. 6.  I believe this was a fully orchestrated, planned protest by the violent left crowd of BLM, antifa and even a Russian operative who dressed as Trump supporters and stormed the Capitol making it look like it was Trump supporters gone violent.  I won't deny that some legitimate Trump supporters got swept in.  It became a mob (which was exactly what the left wanted it to look like).  But we should not just run with the media narrative that the left wants.  Lets speak truth as the truth comes out.  Trump and many Republicans said that any law breakers should be punished to the full extent of the law.  Where were the democratic politicians when our cities were burning this summer?  Were they crying for law and order and punishing the wrong doers planted amonst the peaceful protestors? They are continuing with the same playbook and being fully protected by courts, media and politicians or every stripe.

Michelle Bochman was one on site observer.  You can check out her story on olivetreeviews.com  See what her take is.

Why does World keep saying that Biden won the election?  Why do they say that the two democratic senators won the GA election fair and square?  It was not fair and it was not square.  It needs to be called out or at least investigated.  You have heard what Rudy Guiliano and Sydney Powell have been alleging.  This allegations need to be verifyied or debunked by forensic investigating, public opinion, courts, politiciaans I gather they have .enough evidence from regular patriotic citizens that it would hold up in a court of law. Check out Michael Lindell of Mypillow

I am from WI and I have a newly elected State Assemblyman named Clint Moses.  He syas he is going to check out some of the allegations here in WI.  We need to hold our elected officials accountable for voter fraud.  If what some are alleging is true, Trump truly won the election.  Why are we inauguarating a President who did not win in an election with transparency and integfrity?  If you can prove to me that Biden legitimately won, we are sad, but we move on in legitimate ways to win the next cycle.  But so much evidence shows otherwise, that I need to be convinced.  What is wrong with investigating and looking for the truth.  Really the future of a constitutional republic hangs in the balance.


My Two Cents

Wonderful article. I'm reminded of my phone calls with my 95 year old feisty aunt, who has been quarantined in her assisted living facility since March. I never know what she'll have to say about the state of affairs, but it is always enlightening. I figure she has earned the right to express any opinion she wants. We can learn from our elder elders.